Posted: 二月 9, 2009 in 非關分類

Roger 在休養幾天後在官方網站回復了這幾天的心情 … 看來他很好

希望他能 趕快打起精神 迎接下一個大師賽 …  ^___^

原文轉譯如下,網址 http://www.rogerfederer.com/en/rogers/news/newsdetail.cfm?uNewsID=867

Dear Fans

I would like to thank you for the overwhelming amount of messages and letters you sent me this past week. Losing the Australian Open final certainly hurt, but it is important to move on and focus on the challenges lying ahead. I feel fine and fit and am eager to get back on court. I have enjoyed a few days off, which was great, and will soon be training again.


Thank you once again for supporting me and giving me such a lot of positive input! A lot of you have noticed that my website was slow after the final Down Under. The reason for that was the enormous amount of traffic – more than we had ever experienced before. New hardware for the server has been ordered and will be installed as soon as possible so that you can enjoy rogerfederer.com without hassles in the future!

還是要再次感謝大家對我這麼的支持,並替我注入了不可思議的正面能量!可能有許多人發現到我的網站速度開始變的很慢。這是因為最近湧入的大量網路流量是我們以前所從沒預期到的。不過為此問題我們已經添購了新的設備並會在最短時間內將硬體給更新上去,所以不要擔心,很快的大家就依舊能夠在 rogerfederer.com 盡情暢遊!

Kind regards




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