New ways to label with “Move to" and auto-complete

Posted: 二月 8, 2009 in 非關分類, 技術相關

有在 Gmail 應該都有發現信件上方的 Labels 似乎有一點改變了 有點像是按鈕了 !?

在 Gmail 官方網站看到這篇文章 再來練習翻譯一下


One of the features that makes Gmail different is its use of labels instead of folders. Sure, labels can serve pretty much the same purpose — they can help organize mail or flag messages for follow up. And unlike with folders, messages can have several labels, so if I get an email from a friend about a trip we’re taking together, I can add both a “Friends" and a “Travel" label to it.

Gmail 之所以與其他網路信箱與眾不同的其中一個原因就在於他以"標籤"(Labels)來取代了"資料夾"(folder)的觀念。標籤呢可以幫助你達到許多目的 — 他可以幫你使你的信件與訊息更有組織與排序。然後其中一個與資料夾很大的不同處就在於一個訊息可以同時擁有許多個標籤,所以假設我從朋友那收到一封有關於旅遊方面的信件,我就可以將這封信件給同時加上"朋友"以及"旅遊"的標籤。

But it’s not always obvious how to use labels, especially for people who are new to Gmail and used to using folders, and it hasn’t helped that some common tasks have been more complicated than they should be. For instance, to move an email out of your inbox and into a label you first had to apply the label using the “More actions" menu and then click “Archive."

但是如何使用標籤有時卻又不是這麼的顯而易見,特別是對那些已經使用資料夾來分類習慣的新 Gmail 使用者來說,有時甚至會讓一些普通的工作給搞的更複雜了。舉例來說吧,假設你想要將收件夾中的一封信件給移到一個你新設的標籤中,你必須先透過 “More Actions" 連結來新增一個新的標籤,然後再將他們給歸檔(Archive)。

Starting today, the buttons and menus at the top of your inbox will look a bit different:


Instead of having to first apply the label and then archive, you can just use the “Move to" button to label and archive in a single step — just like you would with a folder. If you just want to add or remove a label, use the new “Labels" button. Auto-complete works, so for those of you with a lot of labels, you can select the one you want just by typing the first couple characters.

現在啊!你可以單單透過一個簡單的步驟 – 點選 “Move to" 按鈕就可以同時達到標籤與歸檔的動作了 — 就跟妳之前使用資料夾的方式一樣直覺。如果你想新增或是刪除一個標籤呢,請使我們用新的標籤(Labels)按鈕。此外自動完成(auto-complete)功能現在也已經可以使用了,所以對擁有許多標籤的你來說,你只需要簡單的敲下你標籤字串的頭一個字母,他就會給你全世界然後呢選一個你要的,你就是你自己的國王了。

We’re also adding keyboard shortcuts: v for “Move to" and l (lowercase L) for “Labels." Make sure you have keyboard shortcuts turned on to use these.

同時我們亦增加了記盤快捷鍵的功能:"v" 代表 “Move to" 而 “l“(小寫L)則代表了 “Labels"。要使用以上功能請先確保你開啟了"使用鍵盤熱鍵“的功能。

We’re making these changes for everyone over the course of today, so you may not see them right away. But between the shortcuts and auto-complete, you’ll soon be able to add and remove labels without touching your mouse.




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