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看到一篇文章, 標題很有趣 「The Internet is Dead and Boring

作者卻是一個擁有 NBA 球隊和許多副業的大老闆 ….

雖然標題聳動了一點 但內容到是滿中肯的 …

想練練英文 所以翻譯了一下 …. 但翻的很爛 …

太久沒念英文了   有錯請指證 0rz

之後偶而 就找幾篇文章來翻翻吧~  希望英文可以好一點 …


A lot of people are all up and upset about my comments that the Internet is dead and boring. Well guess what, it is. Every new technological, mechanical or intellectual breakthrough has its day, days, months and years. But they don’t rule forever. That’s the reality.
Every generation has its defining breakthrough. Cars, TV, Radio, Planes,highways, the wheel, the printing press, the list goes on forever. I’m sure in each generation to whom the invention was a breakthrough it may have been heretical to consider those inventions “dead and boring". The reality is that at some point they stop changing. They stop evolving. They become utilities or utilitarian and are taken for granted.
Some of you may not want to admit it, but that’s exactly what the net has become. A utility. It has stopped evolving. Your Internet experience today is not much different than it was 5 years ago.
或許你們中有人會不同意我的看法,但這就是為什麼我提到現代網際網路的一個走向 一個類似水、電的平凡東西,他已經穩定且不再變化了。你現在所使用的網路與你五年前使用的其實並沒有什麼太大的差別。
That’s not to say the impact of the Internet on the entire planet hasn’t been off the charts. It has been. It has changed the lives of billions of people and it will continue to be a utility to billions of people. Just like cars, TVs, Radio, Planes, Highways, you get the point.
Some people have tried to make the point that Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet is evolving. Actually it is the exact opposite. Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet has stopped evolving and stabilized as a platform. Its very very difficult to develop applications on a platform that is ever changing. Things stop working in that environment. Internet 1.0 wasn’t the most stable development environment. To days Internet is stable specifically because its now boring.(easy to avoid browser and script differences excluded)
或許有些人會試著指出 WEB 2.0 的出現確實是網際網路的一種演化啊!但他卻恰恰好是相反的。 WEB 2.0 的出現反而更證明了網際網路的停止演化且趨於穩定的像是一個供使用者開發東西的平台。在一直改變的平台上開發應用程式是一件非常非常困難的事。在那種環境下,許有事情都似乎停止了的一樣毫無進展。但在經過這些日子的努力後,網際網路已經趨於穩定了,因為他已經開始無聊了。(瀏覽器或 Scripts 的差異則不包括)
Applications like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc were able to explode in popularity because they worked. No one had to worry about their ISP making a change and things not working. The days of walled gardens like AOL, Prodigy and others were gone. The days of always on connections were not only upon us, but in sufficient numbers at home, work and school, that the applications ran fast enough to hold our interest and compel us to participate. In other words, the Internet stabilized. Great software was developed to run on the software.
MyspaceFacebookYoutube 這樣的應用都在短期間呈現爆炸性成長,沒有人會擔心假如當他的網路供應商出問題時要怎麼辦(根本不認為這是一個問題)。從前 AOLProdigy 等公司所築起的圍牆已經在慢慢的消失了。現在網路連線不中斷這要求已經變的可能且足以應付我們所需要的所有網路要求了。換句話來說,網際網路已經趨於穩定狀態了。在這平台上所執行的所所多多軟體也已經陸續竄出。
Just as a reminder to some, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc are not “the Internet". They are software applications that run on the Internet. Just like MicroSoft Excel is a software application that runs on MicroSoft and Apple operating systems.
再提醒一次 MyspaceFacebookYoutube 不是一個網際網路,他們是建築在網際網路上的一種軟體、應用。就跟微軟公司的辦公室軟體試算表(EXCEL)一樣是一個執行在微軟或蘋果作業系統上的軟體一樣。
The days of the Internet creating explosively exciting ideas are dead. They are dead until bandwidth throughput to the home reaches far higher numbers than the vast majority of broadband users get today.
Few people’s actual throughput to their homes have increased more than 5mbs in the past 5 years, and few people’s throughput (if you dint understand the difference between throughput and the marketed downstream speeds your read from your ISP, you should) to their homes will increase more than 10mbs in the next 5 years. That’s not enough to define a platform that allows really smart people to come up with groundbreaking ideas.
少部分的人在過去五年內家裡可用頻寬已經超過了 5 MB/Sec,且少部分人家裡可用之頻寬在未來十年內經可在增加超過 10 MB/Sec。這些並不足以定義一個平台是否能讓一些聰明的使用者提出更創新的點子。
In fact, if you index the expected growth in bandwidth consumption by applications that are heavy LAST MILE bandwidth users (as opposed to the Internet backbone where there is plenty of bandwidth but consumers cant get to it) vs the actual increase in LAST MILE bandwidth available to the home, our net effective throughput to the home could decline over the next few years. The Internet is like a highway. There is plenty of room for everyone to go as fast as the throughput will let you go, that is until the traffic forces everyone to slow down.
For some reason a lot of people don’t understand that concept.
So, let me repeat, The days of the Internet creating explosively exciting ideas are dead for the foreseeable future..
The Internet is boring. That is not a bad thing. In fact its easy to make the argument that its a great thing. That it has become the utility that the people who worked to get it started firmly believed it would. That it finally is the platform for any number of mundane applications that are easy to write and that anyone can use and trust.
Just like wheels, printing presses, cars, TV, radio, electricity, water…..
When we reach a point


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